Specialist Plant Cells
Root Hair Cell

Root Hair Cell.  

These cells make up the roots and onlt job is to absorb water and minerals for the plant.  They have root hairs to increase their surface area so they can absorb more water and minerals.

Guard Cells are found on the underside of a leaf.  Their only function is to open and close the Stomata.  The stomata opens to allow carbon dioxide into the leaf and let oxygen out.  The stomata will only open at night because water escapes when the stomata is open, and by only opening at night water loss is reduced.  

Stomata opening and closing

By Ali Zifan - Own work; Used information from:Campbell Biology (10th Edition) by: Jane B. Reece & Steven A. Wasserman.and [1]., CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=50023738

Palisade Cells are found in the upper layer of the leaf and these cells are responsible for more than 70% of the photosynthesis which happens in a plant. 

Palisade Cell
Structure of a leaf
Plant Tissue
Xylem and Phloem

Phloem - this is found in the plant stem and is a type of tissue which transports organic molecules up and down the stem.

Xylem - this is a tissue, made up of dead cells, also found in the stem, which transports water and minerals from the roots to the rest of the plant. 

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All images sourced from wikicommons.org unless otherwise stated