Cells are the most basic building block of life.  

Cells are so small we need a microscope to see them…

They are the smallest unit of life..

Organisms can be single celled like bacteria or multi-cellular like us!

This is an ameoba.  Ameoba are single celled organisms. they are only made of one cell  and are often found in puddles of water.

Humans are multicellular organisims.  This means that we are made of more than one cell.   In fact the average human has 37.2 trillion cells in their body.  

Basic Cell Structure

Both plant and animal cells have components which are found in every cell in the organisim.

Plants and animals have components in common, but a basic plant cell has more components like a cell wall and a permanent vacuole. Plants also photosynthesise so they need chloroplasts. 

Image copyright:domdomegg via wikimedia

Venn diagram animal and plant cells

Unfortunately, cells aren't as simple as that.  Because a cell has many jobs to perform so in reality cells look like this:

a plant cell
Image Copyright: LadyofHats via wikimedia
Animal Cell Structure
an animal cell

Copyright: NIH via Wikiimages

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