Big Words

Substances which dissolve in water are said to be SOLUBLE in water. They form a solution. 

Salt is soluble in water and forms a salt water solution.

Sugar is soluble in water and will form a sugar water solution. 

The substance which is being dissolved is called the SOLUTE, and the liquid in which the solute is being dissolved is called the SOLVENT.

Solvent                         Solute                       Solution

The amount of solute which will dissolve into a solvent is called


If no more solute will dissolve in a solution, the solution will become


Substances which do not dissolve are called INSOLUBLE.

Flour is insoluble in water.  Flour and water make a SUSPENSION.

The flour will eventually settle out and sink to the bottom of the beaker.

A suspension - flour and water

Oil is insoluble in water.  The oil will float to the top of the water surface because it its less dense than water. 

Oil is IMMISCIBLE with water. It will not mix with water.

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