Plasma Light
The Aurora Borealis
Raspberrys and Cream

There are 4 States of Matter:

Solids      e.g.  Gold, Flour, Sand, Wood, Diamonds, Ice, Coal

Liquids    e.g.  Water, Oil, Vinegar, Ethanol, Petrol,

Gases      e.g.  Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Methane, Helium, Water Vapour

Plasma    e,g,  Stars Including the Sun, Lightening, the Aurorae.

There are also things called colloids which aren’t solids or liquids or gases.  They are a mixture of two states:  Whipped Cream, Smoke, Milk, Blood, Coca Cola, Fanta, Mayonnaise, Hair Gel, Clouds, and Muddy Water.

Solids form a geometric lattice, made up of closely packed particles.

You cannot compress a solid because there is no space between the particles.

Liquids have space between their particles which means that they can move

past each other and flow.

Gases have lots of space between their particles.  If they are not kept in

a sealed container they will fly away!

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