There are a number of surprisingly simple things we can all do to help our environment:

1. Stop buying so much stuff.... do you really need it? 

Stay away from throw-away fashion clothing.  It's cheap and nasty and you will probably only wear it for a short while before you throw it away.  Rather spend more money on quality clothes which will last for a long time, and when you are done with them, repurpose them or put them in a recycling bin.

2. When you are food shopping try and chose locally produced goods.  Locally produced food items have a much smaller carbon footprint than imported goods.  

Also look at the packaging - is the food wrapped in reusable or recyclable packaging?  If not, do you really need it?

3. Take your your own shopping bags with you.

4. Drive less, walk or cycle more, take public transport.

And fly less - the number of people who fly all the time to meetings - why can't you have meetings as conference calls??

Buy an electric car - although the energy used to charge the batteries is probably generated using fossil fuels, the cars have no emissions so are more environmentally friendly to run than a diesel/electric car.   

5.  Check your tyres are pumped to the correct pressure - this can save fuel.  Also drive slower, this also saves fuel.

6. Plant trees - there is a Chinese proverb that say 'the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago'.

Start today. Watch the video below to learn about the amazing man in India

7. Join a community beach or river clean up to stop waste ending up in the oceans.

8. Eat less meat.  Cows fart and burp. That's a lot of methane, but chicken farming also releases huge amounts of methane and carbon dioxide.

9. Switch off all unnecessary electrical appliances at the wall.

Turn your thermostat down on your heating and put a jumper on instead.  Put timers on your geysers, which means they aren't running all day.  

Not only will your electric bill go down but you will also be helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the power stations. 

10.  If you can afford it install solar panels and a solar geyser on your roof.  Some countries will even let you sell you excess energy to the grid.  

11.  Eat more seasonal veg.  Veg not in season is often imported - that's lots of food miles... 

12. Here's a radical one - have no or less children.  Consider adopting a child.  The human population growth is out of control.  More people means more stuff which means more energy needed to make all that stuff.

13. Stop buying bottled water.  Buy a reusable bottle and fill it up from the tap. Stop buying coffee in a takeaway cup - take a reusable one into the café or make your own at home.  

What can we do? 

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